Muriel Matt was born in 1976 in Rennes.

She presently lives in Nantes. Self-taught and intuitive, she has kept translating life into colours from the time she was able to hold a pen or a brush. Since 2013, when she moved into a flat accomodating a workshop, a new impetus has been given to her Art, thus becoming capital in her life. As an artist, she has successively experimented into pastel, then oil and eventually acrylic. Progressively, masks of reality have given way to bright polychromic and geometrical abstraction. Although her creative style can be clearly spotted thoughout her works, each of them benefits from a unique inspiration thrilling with both sparkling harmony and powerful conjuring.

She says :

“I love painting faces for they tell of the both strange and fascinating experience of the eye unveiling a soul. My portraits are very much like the people I am attracted to: colourful characters, full of contrasts,unevenness or fantasy ; standing apart, sometimes bruised or even tortured, yet, to which nobody remains indifferent. The eyes are deliberatly large, expressing curiosity, astonishment, wonder or scare ; whatever springs from meeting The Other, this mysterious Other both so different and close to me. Levinas' words perfectly express what I feel : " Meeting someone is being taken on alert by an enigma." The series of cats proceeds from a similar appeal towards an animal regarded as a pet, yet who cleverly manages to keep its most intimate and secret thoughts at a distance. Cats and only they, select what they are going to offer you : their delicate language, their proud whiskers and aesthetic curves. With The Bubbles, I depart from the recognisable universe. One can see in them what they want to, unless they are the ones staring at us just like as many large steady eyes, mindful of our hearts and souls”.


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