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" Paint the soul, embrace life  "

Muriel MATT is a self-taught artist born in 1976.

Throughout her works anchored in childhood world, she makes her own the motto:

"Paint the soul, embrace life"

The self-taught artist allows us to gather with greediness and wide-opened eyes, the surprise and marvel at life of the ever-present child still inside us.

"All grown-ups were once children, but few of them remember" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince).

My paintings draw on our buried childhood memories, but their sparkle remains intact.
Looking at her works is like playing a mirror game with our inner child. 
It is an invitation to capture the splendour of the world with a rediscovered candour and simplicity, because, the marvellous is nestled in the ordinary : a purring cat, a flower to smell, the sun shining, a contagious smile, laughing eyes, shimmering colours and beating hearts... each painting offers the opportunity to instil this message : an ode to a life without artifice.

Added to naive graphism with yet brightly animating colours, relief is often present to make portaits come alive, thus underlining their expressions.

Although her creative style can be clearly spotted throughout her works, each of them benefits from a unique inspiration thrilling with both sparkling harmony and powerful conjuring.

Her pure creations are an opportunity to explore the feminine and the divine.

Her line art creations are an opportunity to explore the feminine, and to emphasise the softness, vulnerability and mystery within every woman. 
The expression ‘less is more' defines her minimalist approach to her female portraits and revisited masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance ( Venus, Monna Lisa..)

MURIEL MATT2_edited.jpg

Who I am ?

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